What is whisper.ws?

Whisper.ws is a service which makes it easy to securely share content through the use of "one-time URL's". A one time URL is a link that can only be viewed once. This ensures that once the content has been viewed, no one else can view it.

Why did you create whisper.ws?

We found there were many cases where we wanted to quickly share sensitive information with each others but it was hard to do. Email one was one option, but it's generally not a good idea to email very sensitive information over email. Plus, it can stick around forever in the other person's inbox. There are other services, but these can take a while to setup and can be difficult to use. So we created whisper.ws, which makes it easy to upload information, get a one time URL which automatically expires after its been viewed. It's great for sharing stuff with others or even between your own devices, quickly, easily and securely.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to share something with someone else. It might be a private message or other information you consider to be sensitive (your birthday, etc). It's also an easy way to share information securely between your own devices (e.g. imagine if you're setting up a new PC and wanted to get information easily from one place to another but didn't want to send the info over email)

How does it work?

You submit the information you want to share. We encrypt that data using a very very very hard to guess password and then generate a one time URL. You can then share that URL with the person you want to share the information with. When they click on the link, they can view the data you originally submitted and we delete that encrypted data from our servers.

Is it secure?

Yes. Security is a big deal to us. Whenever you create submit your data, we use strong encryption to encrypt your data. No one at whisper.ws is able to decrypt any of the data on our server.

What happens after someone views a one time URL?

The content is deleted. We keep a record that says the url was viewed, but we delete the encrypted content completely.

Why do you expire url's after viewing?

It makes the service more secure. We think whisper.ws is ideal for the case where you want to share something with someone (or your device) on a one-time basis. So once it's been viewed, we delete the encrypted version of it from our servers and

Could someone guess a one time URL?

Theoretically yes, practically it's quite hard to do. It would take many "super computers" and hundreds of years to guess a single one-time URL. In practice this is even harder because we have "throttling" mechanisms in place on our servers which prevent someone from trying a brute force attack. It's much more likely that someone could guess your email password, than guess a one-time URL generated by whisper.ws. That being said, our lawyers remind us to remind you that we can only make best efforts to secure data. Unforunately there are no guarantees.

What about information that's really sensitive?

If it's information that you can't risk being discovered, then our recommendation is to not upload it. Please make sure you read our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

I work for a company and would love a version specifically for my enterprise. Is this possible?

Yes, coming soon. Please contact us here.

I have an idea on how to improve it, can I share it with you?

Yes ! We love any feedback - please provide it here.